Frequently asked questions about Monovisc®

How can Monovisc® help with my osteoarthritis knee pain?
Monovisc® is manufactured from ultra-pure hyaluronic acid, which is a component of the synovial fluid of a healthy knee. It’s a gel-like substance obtained from non-avian sources that supplements your knee’s natural hyaluronic acid.
How is Monovisc® administered?
A doctor administers Monovisc® through a single injection into your knee (intra-articular injection). This treatment, called viscosupplementation, is thought to relieve osteoarthritis knee pain by restoring the viscoelastic properties of the hyaluronic acid found in the knee.
How soon after a Monovisc® injection will I feel relief from my osteoarthritis knee pain?
Monovisc® has been shown to start providing relief of osteoarthritis knee pain at two weeks after injection.
How long will a Monovisc® injection last?
Monovisc® has been shown to provide effective osteoarthritis knee pain relief for up to six months.
Are there side effects associated with Monovisc®?
In a scientific study, the only effects associated with Monovisc® were mild to moderate episodes of transient swelling and discomfort.
What other treatments are available for osteoarthritis knee pain?
Besides Monovisc®, there are other options available for osteoarthritis knee pain treatment, including the viscosupplements Cingal® and Orthovisc®. Learn more about other treatment options.
Do I need to see a doctor to get Monovisc®?
Yes. Doctors who can inject Monovisc® include orthopedic specialists, sports medicine specialists, and rheumatologists. Find a specialist near you.
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